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Retail Butcher Assurance Scheme (RBAS)

The Retail Butcher Assurance Scheme (RBAS) has been developed for retail butchers who wish to source and sell meat and meat products that are Quality Assured by Bord Bia. The basic principle of this scheme is that all eligible product are sourced from processors (slaughter/cutting/curing etc) that are Bord Bia Quality Assured and that, they in turn, have sourced the product from farms that are Bord Bia Quality Assured. The scheme aims to ensure that traceability is verifiable from the butcher counter back through all stages of the supply chain to producer level. The butcher maintains the integrity and confidence of this ‘quality chain’ in the production and processing of quality assured meat and the sale to the final customer.

This RBAS scheme links in with the overall series of Bord Bia Quality Assurance Processor Standards (i.e. Beef, Lamb, Pigmeat (Pork and Bacon) and Poultry Products). It is designed to strengthen the integrity of the supply chain for product being supplied to customers of retail butchers seeking the added assurance of product origin and traceability integrity.

For more information please contact Tina Leonard on 01 614 2234 or

QAS Scheme Members

Full details of Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme members.

Bord Bia Quality Mark Logo Use Policy

Download the Bord Bia Logo Use Policy for full detail on the conditions for the use of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance logos or click on the form link below to request logo use approval.