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Food Processor Standard (FPS)

The Food Processor Standard (FPS) replaces, and combines into one document, the Meat Processor Quality Assurance Standard (2013) and the Prepared Fruit and Vegetable Standard (2008).

The fundamental tenets of the FPS are grounded in legislative compliance and best practices in food processing. They include strong foundations in animal and plant health, animal and staff welfare, environmental protection, traceability, and food safety.

Scheme Structure
The Food Processor Standard (FPS) has been structured in a modular fashion, allowing Members to tailor their scope of certification to match their business activities and the products they intend to market as Bord Bia Quality Assured. This modular approach facilitates the adoption of a more agile and flexible response to changing market and legislative demands with regard to the requirements within the Standard. Important amendments or new modules may be implemented as necessary without the need to make major changes to the overall Standard.

Sustainability Plan
The market is increasingly demanding evidence that suppliers are stepping up to meet the environmental and social challenges that face the food industry and the globe. Members of the FPS are required to participate in a sustainability programme, such as Origin Green, which sets targets for improvement and tracks progress over time, proving the sustainability credentials of the operation. Certification to this Standard is a testament to the operation’s commitment to producing safe, legal products and to meeting international standards in animal and food processing practices.

Risk Management
The framework on which the Bord Bia Sustainability and Quality Assurance Scheme is based combines the elements of the Risk Management Framework, as advocated in ISO 31000, with the ISO 22000 Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. This approach relies heavily on the joint concepts of Preventive PRPs and Preparedness (Traceability and Emergency Response).

Please note: The Meat Processor Assurance Standard and the Prepared Fruit and Vegetable Standard will cease being operational following the final audit cycle by 2023. Eligible meat and fruit and vegetable processors will then become members of the Bord Bia Sustainability and Quality Assurance Scheme, and will be audited against the Food Processor Standard.