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Sheep Trade & Prices

Sheep Trade & Prices


Throughput: For 2021 Irish born sheep, total throughput levels since the first week of June 2021 reached 3,116,943 head, most of which accounts for lamb throughput. This is 13% lower than the corresponding period in 2020, which stood at 3,602,171 head. Lambs killed since June are 2021 born sheep, and gives a better indication of current market conditions than using the full year-to-date data. The level of spring lambs imported from Norther Ireland since June stands at 10%.

For the week ending September 11th, 2021 throughput levels reached 64,197 head, showing a slight increase of 221 head on the previous week, and 2,357 head on the same week in 2020 (+4%).

Prices: Prices are sturdy with strong grass growth rates creating higher demand. The average factory price for sheepmeat in Ireland for the week ended September 11th, 2021 decreased to €6.07/kg, which is 8c/kg lower than the week previous. The GB lamb price for last week shows a steady downwards trend at £5.26/kg, which equates to €6.15/kg. Northern Ireland lamb prices also dropped, and now stands at £4.77/kg, equating €5.56/kg.

While prices have dropped slightly over the last number of weeks, overall prices in 2021 have performed very well; with the average sheepmeat price €1.40/kg higher than the 2020 average price for the first 36 weeks of the year. Finished lamb prices are currently €15/head above 2020 figures.

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