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Pig Trade & Prices

Pig Trade & Prices


Prices: The average price paid for grade E pig prices in Ireland for the week ending March 10th, 2023 has remained the same at €2.08/kg deadweight, excluding Vat. The EU average price has strengthened to €2.28/kg. The current Irish price is 47% higher than the corresponding week last year. Despite the increase in prices, pig producers remain exposed to ongoing high production costs.

Throughput: A total of 63,919 pigs were processed in Irish export plants during the week ending March 10th, 2023. Total throughput for the year-to-date in 2023 shows pig supplies running at 640,795 head.

China prices: The price decreased by 0.8% to 15.75RMB/kg during the past week. Prices have strengthened by 5% since the Chinese New Year.

The trade is being underpinned by tighter local supply. In addition, demand has been influenced by the Chinese government purchasing more pork for their reserves.

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