What is Chefs' Irish Beef Club?

The Chefs' Irish Beef Club is an exclusive international forum which brings together some of Europe’s leading chefs who collectively endorse Irish beef. The Club sees award-winning chefs give pride of place to Irish beef by serving it in their restaurants, some of the finest dining establishments in Europe. Their preference and advocacy for Irish beef enhances its reputation and helps Bord Bia to position it as a premium product across the Continent.

Bringing the chefs over to Ireland to see first-hand the story behind Irish beef and to meet with the farmers is a memorable and important experience for them.

Angélique Schmeinck, Chef, Netherlands

I want the best for my guests and in Ireland you have
the grass, you have the climate and for all their lives the
cattle graze outside, for me this is very interesting.

Jean-Paul Jeunet, Chef, France

Member Benefits

The Club has almost 80 award-winning member chefs spread across seven chapters in Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Membership to the club is by invitation only.

Members enjoy the opportunity to learn about how Irish beef is raised and cared for by farmers. On their visits to Ireland, they have witnessed the grass-based agriculture that underlines Irish beef production and enjoyed being welcomed into the homes of farming families. These visits have created a special relationship and an understanding of the importance of producing sustainably.


Chefs' Irish Beef Club Commemorative Book (PDF) 




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Chefs' Irish Beef Club

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