There was a total kill of 35,218 head for week ending the 30th June an increase of 612 head from the previous week. This figure was 1,329 head greater than the same week in 2018. At 903,828 head, year-to-date slaughtering’s are 5.3% or 45,784 head above the equivalent period in 2018. The categories of young bulls (+14%), heifers (+11%) have recorded the most growth, steers are down(-2%) while cows are more or less on a par with 2018 levels.


Base prices are best holding steady and in most cases reduced again this week by about €0.05/kg, currently at €3.70/kg for steers and €3.80/kg for heifers. These exclude the €0.12 bonus payable on in-spec QA animals.


The average price paid for R3 steers for week ending 30th June, as recorded by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, fell by around €0.05/kg quoted at €3.70/kg excluding VAT (or equivalent to €3.85/kg including VAT).

Prices for R3 steers quoted in Great Britain for week ended 30th June have fallen by £0.05/kg at £3.37/kg or equivalent to €3.76.

There was a €0.04/kg drop in the price quoted this week for Young Bulls in France, at €3.71, while O3 cow were unchanged on last week at €3.26/kg.

In Italy, Young Bull prices, typically unpredictable, saw a good recovery this week by €0.24/kg to €4.01

While the Germany Young Bull recovered by a further €0.02/kg to reach €3.44/kg.


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