For the week ending 7th September 2019, the throughput figure for Irish factories stood at 22,172. This figure is a further decrease in the number of cattle going through Irish processing units. A decrease of 8,016 cattle represents a 27% reduction in comparison to last week’s figure of 30,188. Steers accounted for 46% of the throughput, with 10,125 animals being sent for processing. Heifers accounted for 6,218 (28%) of the figure. There were 3,786 cows sent for processing (17%), whilst 1,631 young bulls were killed (7%).

Throughput for week 36 is down significantly from the 2018 figure of 37,972 for the same period. 15,800 less animals compared to 2018 represents a 42% decrease in the kill figure for the same period 12 months ago.

At the end of last week, the total throughput figure for 2019 stood at 1,212,387. This number represents a 0.3% increase in throughput compared to the same period in 2018, which was 1,209,145. An extra 24,655 heifers have been processed in the Republic so far this year compared to 12 months ago, (7% increase)

Steer throughput however is still down on 2018 figures, with 25,587 less steers going through Irish processing factories. The 2019 figure is 411,310, a 6% reduction on the 2018 figure.


For the 3rd week in a row, prices of cattle have remained unchanged, with base prices of 345/350 cent per kg being quoted across the country. Heifer prices are also unchanged, with most processors paying a base of 355/360 cent per kg. These prices exclude the €0.12 bonus payable on in-spec QA animals. These base prices represent a 35-40c/ kg decrease on the same period in 2018.

Cull cow prices are relatively unchanged, due to small numbers. O grading cull cows are averaging from €2.95 to €3.05/kg.  R grade cows are selling from €3.05 - €3.20/kg

 Average prices as reported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for the week ending 8st September 2019 were 342.9c/kg for R3 steers and 352.7c/kg for R3 heifers. These prices are VAT exclusive.


Live exports:

For the week ending 8th September 2019, a total of 1,413 animals were sent for live export. For the second week running, all exports of live animals were to EU countries. As of the end of last week, there were 243,908 animals that were sent for live slaughter in 2019. The same figure for 2018 was 207,914 animals. An increase of 35,994 sent for live export compared to 2018 represents a 15% increase in live cattle exports. Spain has been the destination for 33% of the live exports out of Ireland.

This week, the main export destinations were Spain, (246), Italy, (287), Greece,(192), Northern Ireland,(343), Czech Republic,(271) and Hungary,(70)

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